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My Fire Cider Story

Have you ever tried Fire cider ? If the answer is NO Then it is time to try it and get all this amazing benefits from the plants, spices ,herbs, vegetables and apple cider vinegar 

I was introduced to Fire Cider by my good friend Ginger Andro & then my  good friend  Li Wong  gifted me the amazing Rosemary Glad star Fire Cider book, Let me tell you that fire cider kept my healthy during the pandemic, a spoon a day was great to help boosting immunity.

This year I decided to change the ingredients to make it more Egyptian :) Ingredients : 1 whole Orange 1 whole Grapefruit 1 whole Lemon 1/4 lb. fresh Ginger 2 Horseradish 6 cloves Star anise 1 tsp Chili peppers 1/4 lb. Hibiscus dried flowers  5 Cinnamon sticks 1/2 tsp Pepper corns 1/2 tsp turmeric powder  Punch of fresh Rosemary Punch of fresh Oregano Punch of fresh Sage Punch of fresh Lemon balm Lavender buds  Organic Apple cider vinegar unfiltered to cover the Jar   And lots of love

Directions :

Mix all the ingredients together, add the apple cider vinegar in the glass Jar. put a piece of parchment paper on top close tight, leave it for a month in a dry and cool place, shake it daily.

After a month strain it with cheesecloth, add local honey and enjoy a teaspoon everyday to help boost your immunity

This is the fire cider after mixing all the ingredients, look at the red color ! Be well and enjoy !

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