My name is Raghda Abdelmaksoud and I am the founder and the Managing Director of EbersConsulting LLC, family owned company based in New Jersey, USA.

 Ebers Consulting is dedicated to teaching Aromatherapy worldwide, arranging study tours globally, sourcing and repacking essential oils, and product formulating and development.

In addition to the above, we offer business development services for small and medium sized companies in the essential oils, flavors, herbs, spices, holistic beauty, and skin care industries as well as provide them with product planning to product launches, sales and distribution to big retail stores. We have led many successful projects and brands to begin selling in the U.S.

My expertise goes back to 20 years of global experience in the essential oils, flavors and fragrance industries. I worked as a supply chain manager and global business unit head both in Egypt and USA, which gives me a strong background in global supply chain and business development.  

I traveled to more than 21 exotic countries and locations for a quest to become more informed about essential oils and their origins. With the exposure to almost all of the world's cultures and growing destinations, I gained a lot of experience and a strong background in supply chain, sustainable sourcing, and culture learning.


In 2015, I finished my advanced clinical Aromatherapy certification in America and became the International Director for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) for Egypt.


My passion for the industry was a driving power to a beautiful journey, and my love to volunteer in community organizations gives me a strong networking and a lot of experience. In addition, I am also a technical committee member of Women for Flavors, Fragrance North America, and a member of the International Federation for Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemical.


·         Clinical Certified Aromatherapist ~ from NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) 

·         Professional Project Manager ~ Certified from Cambridge

·         Certified supply chain professional from ~ certified from UCC (Union County College)

·         Holding certificate for FSMA Produce Safety ~ from AFDO (Association for Food and Drug Officials)

·         Holding certificate for PCQI Preventive Controls for Human Food  ~ from FSCPA (Food safety preventative control Alliance)

·         Holding certificate for FSVP Foreign Supplier Verification Program ~ from FSCPA (Food safety preventative control Alliance)


Raghda is a GEM. So passionate and dedicated to getting the details right. I enjoyed a week long excursion with her and her company in EGYPT. The opportunity of a lifetime was made better by the fact that we never had to worry about anything, she took care of all the details and left us to focus on enjoying the moment. So easy to work with and communicate with her and finding out everything went seemlessly was just a bonus. I can't wait for her to set up more study trips, you definitely get more than you bargain for!

I have purchased essential oils from Ebers Consulting and am very pleased. Before I placed orders, I had questions about the oils, and they promptly responded. The oils arrived quickly, were nicely packaged, and most importantly, they were incredible! The essential oils are pure unlike so many other companies will sell adulterated. Not here! You are getting the real! Shipping is free and you are always offered a really nice discount. A MUST GO-TO place for your essential oil needs!

Excellent company, great service and her products are wonderful. You will not be sorry purchased from this company I highly recommend them


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