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Raghda is an expert with 23 years of experience in global business development and supply chain in the medicinal herbs, flavors – fragrance, and essential oil industries. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Arts from Cairo University in Egypt in 1997 and completed a Project Management program from Cambridge.

Raghda’s journey started in Egypt in 1998 when she joined one of the leading growers and distillers in Egypt; it was then she combined her love for languages and history with her passion for Nature and adventure. She has since worked in the supply chain, business development, and sustainable sourcing visiting 21 countries with the most outstanding medicinal plant growing regions.

Raghda Led global projects in the medicinal and aromatic plants field in Egypt - Albania - USA.  

She founded Ebers Aromatherapy and Consulting and started teaching aromatherapy globally in 2018. She launched NAHA-recognized school Ebers school of Aromatherapy in 2020.

Raghda is currently the NAHA International Director for Egypt and the International Relationship Chair. As part of this role, she arranges educational study tours to Egypt for aromatherapists and plant lovers to visit farms and distillers.

She is also a member of the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Task Force (ARQAT)  for standard in aromatherapy research practice and reporting. 

Her mission is to develop aromatherapy globally, particularly in the Middle East, as well as support the development of women-owned small businesses, and research.

Raghda believes that plants represent a universal language that connects us all, they are the agents of Nature for our healing journey and a living example of hope.



Raghda is a GEM. So passionate and dedicated to getting the details right. I enjoyed a week long excursion with her and her company in EGYPT. The opportunity of a lifetime was made better by the fact that we never had to worry about anything, she took care of all the details and left us to focus on enjoying the moment. So easy to work with and communicate with her and finding out everything went seemlessly was just a bonus. I can't wait for her to set up more study trips, you definitely get more than you bargain for!

I have purchased essential oils from Ebers Consulting and am very pleased. Before I placed orders, I had questions about the oils, and they promptly responded. The oils arrived quickly, were nicely packaged, and most importantly, they were incredible! The essential oils are pure unlike so many other companies will sell adulterated. Not here! You are getting the real! Shipping is free and you are always offered a really nice discount. A MUST GO-TO place for your essential oil needs!

Excellent company, great service and her products are wonderful. You will not be sorry purchased from this company I highly recommend them


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