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Safety is our main focus, as a clinical certified aromatherapist I highly recommend reading all safety precautions before using essential oils 



  • Keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

  • Do not use or recommend the use of photosensitizing essential oils prior to going into a sun tanning booth or the sun. Recommend that the client stays out of the sun or sun tanning booth for at least twenty-four hours after treatment if photosensitizing essential oils were applied to the skin.

  • Avoid prolonged use of the same essential oils unless they are being used under the guidance of a qualified health professional.

  • Avoid the use of essential oils you know nothing about on your clients. Research and get to know the oil prior to using it on others.

  • Avoid the use of undiluted essential oils on the skin, unless otherwise indicated.

  • If you suspect your client may be sensitive to specific essential oils or if your client has known allergies or sensitivities, it may be wise to perform a skin patch test.

  • Know the safety data on each essential oil and place it into the context of use and knowledge.

  • Use caution when treating a female client who suspects she is pregnant or has been trying to become pregnant.

  • Keep essential oils away from the eyes.

  • Essential oils are highly flammable substances and should be kept away from direct contact with flames, such as candles, fire, matches, cigarettes, and gas cookers.17

  • Make sure your treatment room has good ventilation.

  • Do not use essential oils internally unless directed by a qualified practitioner or using a professionally formulated blend labeled for internal use. Safety Guidelines for dilution and use must be followed. Any essential oils used must be pure and genuine. NAHA recommends purchasing from a reputable supplier who analyzes their oils by GC/MS. Please visit NAHA's approved schools to explore education in aromatherapy.

  • Happy Days- Aromatherapy inhaler Directions of use: Screw on cap. don’t insert the inhaler into your nostrils, take 3 deep breaths as needed.  

  • Wonderful Nights- Aromatherapy roll-on Directions of use: For best results, apply topically on your pulse points,  whenever you feel exhausted and stressed, the roll-on will help you calm down and relax. Avoid direct sun exposure for 5 hours.

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