Ebers Consulting represents a range of services. We focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on business methodologies and years of  experience. We are partners with leading organizations and industry experts.


We serve small and medium size companies in the Essential oils , Aromatherapy and Skin care industries


We  helped many start-ups and established brands with everything from planning product launches to replenishment orders to overall Brand Success !

We bring our 25 + year expertise exclusive focus on Essential oils, Fragrance and Aromatherapy to the table.in addition to personal care as well. In addition to our experience in supply chain globally 


Our mission is to provide the highest caliber client experience to help facilitate a brand’s growth and continued success.  

Our services are :

  • FDA Registration 

  • e-commerce Fulfillment 

  • Omni Chanel order Fulfillment 

  • Distribution and Storage

  • Private Label  

  • Aromatherapy Project Consulting 

  • Aromatherapy consultation and custom blends

Training and Education

  • Aromatherapy Training 

  • Aromatherapy Workshops

  • Aromatherapy Education and Certification 

Business Process Management

  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies 

  • Business Growth Strategies 

  • Marketing Strategies 

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance  

Product Development

  • Product Development from research and development to mass production and commercialization 

Regulatory and Quality

  • Create and implement strategies for industry  compliance and regulatory adherence 

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Supply Chain Process

  • Supply Chain Technology

  • Supply Chain Trace-ability

  • Supply Chain Sustainability

Globally Connected, Globally Committed 

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workshops and classes are non refundable if canceled 5 business days before the workshop date