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This 75-hour NAHA approved Aromatherapy Certification online course is designed for:


  • Any one  who needs to build up a profession in Natural  Plant  Based products, , Aromatherapy or essential oils lovers
  • Health coaches
  • Health Practitioners ( Nutritionists , Doctors , Holistic Nurses  etc )
  • Holistic Practitioners ( Yoga- Energy-Massage-Acupressure)
  • School teachers  , sports team coaches  social workers
  • Natural Skin Care  manufacturers who wants to use Aromatherapy and essential oils in their products .
  • Course outline lessons https://ebersaromaschool.com/course/ebers-naha-level-one/


You will be provided with a clear and concise understanding of aromatherapy and how to use oils safely and effectively

Ebers School of Aromatherapy is an accredited NAHA Approved School Educator and offers aromatherapy courses that exceed the requirements set forth by NAHA Certified Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist requirements.

This aromatherapy certification course qualifies you for becoming a NAHA Certified Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist. For more information visit NAHA.


We also offer easy payment plans please visit https://ebersaromaschool.com/product-category/aromatherapy-certification-online-classes/


Modules Covered in the NAHA Level 1 Aromatherapist Certification 


Welcome Message – Course Overview – Class Supplies list – Required assignments  -Research paper guidelines  -Coaching sessions  -Case Studies  -Aromatherapy Consultation forms

Module  1

History of Aromatherapy – What is Aromatherapy

Module Two

Botany & Aromatherapy – Aromatic Families -The Role of Botany in Aromatherapy -Plant Structure and the oil cell- Common & Botanical Names – Extraction Methods

Module Three

Storage and safety – Topical use precautions- What is Sensitization – Equipment used in Aromatherapy

Module Four

Essential oils Materia Medica – Data sheets for 20 Essential oils, theraputics,methods of application and safety , Sweet Basil-Clary Sage-Cypress-Eucalyptus Frankincense -Pink Grapefruit-Geranium- Helichrysum- Jasmine -Juniper Berry -Lavender-Lemon -Marjoram –Patchouli -Peppermint -Roman Chamomile -Rosemary – Sweet Orange -Tea Tree -Ylang Ylang  GCMS Analysis Sample

Module Five

Basic Chemistry- Chemical families- 10 Chemical Families safety and  therapeutics

Module Six

Methods of Applications- Useful recipes for methods of application

Module Seven

Blending Techniques – Blending Tips- How to select Essential oils For a Blend- Blending By Notes

Blending By Aromatic families- Doctrine of Signatures

Module 8

Skin – Integumentary System- Skin – Integumentary System Diseases- What is an Adverse effect from using oils? – Essential Oils for Various Skin Conditions

Module Nine

Limbic System- Essential oils for Stress- Chakras

Module Ten

Respiratory System- Respiratory System Diseases- Essential oils For Respiratory Conditions

Module 11

Muscular Systems- Muscular System Diseases- Essential oils For Muscular System Diseases- Yoga

In addition to 

  • Essential oil Terminology
  • Recipes
  • Aromatic breaks
  • Resources
  • Thank you Note
  • Games


Level 1 NAHA Certified Aromatherapist- Full


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