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Lemongrass was used for ages as a food ingredient in the far East cuisines especillay in the Tahi ones , in addition to that it is  being widely used in TCM for various conditions.



Botanical Name : Cymbopogon flexuosus

Family : Poaceae 

Country of Origin  : India 

Extraction Method  : Steam Distellation 

Plant Part Used  :  Leaves 

Note  :  Middle 

Aroma :  Citrus-fresh-green 

Color : Yellow color 

Blends well With : Lemon,orange,Geranuim,Patchuoli,Sandalwood,Basil, Peppermint.

Shelf Life : 4 – 5 Years



  • Drug interaction (those metabolized by CYP2B6); teratogenicity; skin sensitization - avoid use on hypersensitive, diseased, or damaged skin, with a maximum dermal use level of 0.6% is recommended.
  •  Dilute before using. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.
  • For topical application don’t use directly on the skin, dilute with a carrier oil
  • Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs
  • Add 4-5 drops for Diffusing
  • Don’t ingest
  • Keep out of reach of children , Avoid using if pregnant or nursing



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  • Charles Fetrow & Julian Avila (2000) The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicine
  • Lawrence BM, Essential oils from Agriculture to Chemistry
  • The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Salvatore Battaglia
  • Arcatender Perfume and flavor materials of natural origin

Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus) 15 ML

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$8.00Sale Price
  • Comparison to ISO 3515:2002 and Tech. Corrigendum 1


    GC: Agilent 6890N

    Column:  HP-5

    Injection split

    Carrier gas:  Helium

    Detector: Agilent MSD 5973N Temperature program: 50 °C/(1 min)2 °C/min  290 ° C (15min) 

    Volume of EO injected 0.2 ul\


    Name  Chemical Family 
    1.06 Limonene Monoterpene
    30.67  Neral Monoterpene aldehydye
    7.96 Geraniol Monoterpene alcohol
    39.59 Geranial Monoterpene aldehydye
    4.20 Geranyl acetate Ester 
    1.50 Caryophyllene Sesquiterpene
    1.03 Methyl Heptenone  Ketone
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