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Industrial Engineer


 Small doesn’t mean limited, it means we are very focused on client service. We take great care of every tiny detail, combined with a high degree of flexibility, world-class talent, objective perspective, and bias toward results is what sets us apart from others.

 We bring our 25 + years of expertise and exclusive focus on Medicinal and Aromatic plants, essential oils, flavors, fragrance and health-wellness industries.

We serve big, medium-sized, and small companies in the medicinal and aromatic plants, fragrance, flavors essential oils, aromatherapy, and Skincare industries.

We helped many start-ups and established brands with everything from planning product launches to replenishment orders to overall brand Success.



Ebers Consulting represents a range of services. We focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on business methodologies and years of experience. We are partners with leading organizations and industry experts.


Our consultants average over 23 years of experience, with deep expertise in their respective fields globally.


Our consulting methodologies are balanced with an agile approach that draws from extensive experience and delivers on expectations at an accelerated pace.



To provide the highest caliber client experience to help facilitate a brand’s growth and continued success. In addition to building sustainable communities, while operating in an increasingly complex environment, moving and sometimes adverse, allowing adequate risk management, supporting them through a wide range of personalized services and tailor-made solutions”



 Integrity, quality,  objectivity, personal reward, and inclusive diversity are our core values. Our culture is premised on liking what you do and whom you do it with, minimum bureaucracy, and low overhead.  We value leadership and creating value/making a difference with our clients.



  • Business consultation 

  • Distribution and Storage 

  • E-commerce Fulfillment 

  • Feasibility studies 

  • Market analysis 

  • Omni Chanel  Fulfillment 

  • Packaging and small production runs 

  • Product Development from research and development to mass production and commercialization 

  • Project Management 

  • Turn-Key projects 




 Our services cover a large and growing global market of Companies and startups. We have developed state-of-the-art production, testing, and training facilities that are integral to our ability to exceed the stringent performance and quality assurance standards mandated by our customers.


  • Big Chain Retailers 

  • Essential oils Distillers 

  • Flavors and Fragrance Manufacturers 

  • Farmers

  • Herbs and spices Manufacturers

  • Health Providers 

  • Hospitals 

  • Skin Care Manufacturers 



Attracted by our meritocratic culture and the opportunity to build a business with like-minded individuals, our team members are well experienced in industry and commerce, the top-tier strategy houses, private equity firms, hedge funds, and leading financial services institutions. 

Ebers consulting is an outcomes-focused business founded on the principles of objectivity, pragmatism, and tangible and measurable success.


Financial Advisor

Over 23 years of experience in fledged financial institutions, investment banking boutiques, a US AID-funded project, industrial conglomerates, real estate developers, mega master-planning, and infrastructure companies.

Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences, Computer & Information Systems Section.


Operation Advisor

Over 23 years of experience in production technology engineering in the Herbs and spices industry.


Technical Advisor

Over 23 years in operation plant management – Supply Chain - Developing & implementing the Operations Department (Strategies, Logistics, Production & Distribution), Safety & Environmental rules implementation


Sales and Marketing advisor

23 years of experience in sales &  marketing Assisting and conducting market research for clients in Egypt, England and France for Potential Import and Export opportunities & projects

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